Doumo-Kun What?
Doumo (pronounced DO-MO) is an open source multimedia jukebox and PVR for Windows. Its goal is to allows users to view, listen and share TV, Video, Pictures and Audio through a single unified graphical interface viewable from 10 feet away. It will also acts like a PVR allowing users to Pause/Fast Forward/Rewind live TV and record shows in advance using an EPG and TV capture hardware. The program is optimized for use with a TV and remote, uses DirectX 9 and is written in C++.

May 23, 2003
I have bad news for you all, work on Doumo has ceased. This probably doesn't come as surprise to most people, but I'm sure it does to some. There are many reasons for this, scope, time, etc, but I'll only describe the most important here. As I said before, in order to utilise VMR9 properly I was required to rewrite the complete program again. I started to do this using the "GamePlayer" example from the DirectX9 SDK as the base of the program. This unfortunately caused licensing issues. As I undestand, the EULA of the DirectX9 SDK does not allow me to GPL any Microsoft copyrighted code which includes the "GamePlayer" sample I needed for v0.2. This required me to write my own to interface to the MultiVMR.dll and create my own rendering engine around it. While this may be a trivial task for DirectX or COM programmers, it is not for me since I'm not really familiar with either DirectX/COM, something which is a definite must for this type of program. Learning DirectX/COM isn't easy too, like everything, it takes a lot of time and practice. So due to this, and a lot of other factors, I've decided to stop working on Doumo. If anyone is interested in picking up where I left off (under the Doumo name), just drop me a note.

Now for all you users seeking some sort of PVR/Media solution, don't be disappointed, there are lots of other excellent Open-Source, Free and Pay apps that provide some excellent functionality for Windows. They are:

MyHTPC (Free)
Xlobby (Free)
CTPvr (Free)
SageTV (Pay)
Showshifter (Pay)
Snapstream (Pay)

If you want more information on these programs or are looking for the latest HTPC news, I found a cool new site called HTPC Gear. Check it out. Logo Questions, Comments? E-mail me
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